Nearshoring is a trend
that has become highly
popular among IT companies
in the last decade.

Nearshore outsourcing is getting work or services done by agencies located in countries near you.

Nearshore outsourcing is getting work or services done by agencies located in countries near you.

Cost savings

By utilizing remote workers in close proximity to your domestic team, our nearshore services provide solid communication standards and competitive costs.

Expert Team Available

One of the most important benefits is talent availability. Our developers, who are some of the best developers on the continent, are fluent English speakers and share the technical expertise and cultural conventions of your American Team.

Our methodology and the multi-disciplinary team can deliver faster results than the competition.

Geographical proximity

With everyone in a shared time zone, as noted, communication between nearshore and domestic team members is seamless. Everyone has similar work hours and is responsive during emergency situations as well.

Onsite Visits

Physical access is also a benefit. Executives and managers can schedule face-to-face visits when necessary. This can be an especially attractive benefit if site visits are frequent since overseas travel is more expensive than trips from the US to Mexico.

Definity First Nearshore Services Benefits

Nearshore Outsourcing: What is it & How do you use it?

A simple definition of nearshore is the outsourcing of work to a neighboring country. Nearshoring provides a number of advantages and is distinct from offshore outsourcing. For instance, when the two bordering countries are the US and Mexico, your work can occur in a similar time zone, which facilitates better communication and tighter synchronization between teams.

With shorter flight times than overseas outsourcing, nearshoring allows more frequent site visits and physical interaction when necessary. Compared to domestic outsourcing, Mexican nearshore solutions for US software development provide considerable cost savings while maintaining highly competitive talent standards.

Mexican developers aren’t only cost-effective, they have an ability to integrate seamlessly with your US team’s work ethic and overall culture.

What Is the Difference between Nearshore
& Offshore Services?

Optimize & Improve the development process

Nearshore provides advantages over offshore outsourcing including but not limited to physical proximity and cultural alignment. Offshore outsourcing involves hiring talent in other parts of the world, typically on other continents such as South Asia. In many cases, offshore outsourcing can provide immediate savings on labor costs. But nearshore makes up this difference by facilitating closer alignment in culture, communication, and access to your team throughout the workday. Such advantages have led to a rise in the utilization of nearshore teams, especially in software development.

As another benefit, nearshore allows real-time work with your team. The twelve-hour time-zone difference between the US and India, along with language and cultural barriers, present obstacles that some businesses cannot overcome. The seven-hour difference with Ukraine is easier for some, but periods of unavailability during the day can be detrimental for many companies. Since Mexico shares time zones with the US, increased productivity and access make it a preferred choice for an increasing number of today’s biggest tech companies. Another advantage is the ease of regulation since Mexico is subject to the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, which allows free exchange of products and labor between the US and Mexico.

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