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Agile Software Development


Everyone on your nearshore team is aligned with the vision of 100% Agile

Want to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving tech world? Embrace the Agile methodology. Our nearshore team at Definity First uses Agile to deliver high-quality results while maintaining the flexibility and efficiency your project needs. By embracing Agile, we involve our clients throughout every step of the software development process. This means that you get a product that meets your needs and evolves with your product vision.

Enhanced Collaboration with Agile Methodology

Our client-centric approach, which is at the heart of our Agile methodology, fosters teamwork between our teams and our clients. This results in a smooth, efficient process that ensures that every aspect of the project is aligned with your needs and goals. With our Agile team, you’re always in the loop.


Connect with Definity First to transform your software development process with Agile methodology

Scrum Methodology

Agile is all about flexible and efficient product delivery & can dynamically accommodate changes to requirements. Weekly scrum meetings include your development team, a scrum master, and a product owner. Once the product owner divides up the requirements into individual tasks for the developers, regular scrum meetings ensure steady progress toward your product’s release. These meetings include the development team’s updates to the scrum master, a kind of coach always on the lookout for ways to increase productivity.

Leading Management Tools

Definity First nearshore teams use leading project management and communication tools. We have experience with Jira, Asana, Basecamp and Trello. But we’re happy to adapt to whatever project management solution you prefer. Our developers and designers are also proficient in commonly used communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, and of course email. Rest assured knowing that our teams adapt to your communication preferences and management style.


Continuous deployment means that as your development team pushes new updates to production, users get immediate updates on their end on a continuous and rolling basis. They include all the features and issue fixes completed during the most recent sprint cycle. Importantly, your nearshore team also includes DevOps specialists who monitor and execute continuous deployment systems to ensure that your public-facing product is always up to date.

Test-driven Development

Our developers are also experienced with test-driven development or TDD. In some instances, short production cycles can be beneficial for working out certain requirements or features. In test-driven development, requirements are converted to very specific test cases & the code is improved until it passes the test. Such an approach can go hand in glove with a general Agile methodology. We're committed to delivering software solutions that add value to your clients.

Evolutionary Architecture & Iterative Design

Overall, Agile development is a type of incremental development technique. Rather than a top-down approach, Agile is iterative and based on production cycles in which learning, and adaptation are key. Together these principles derive from evolutionary architecture, which also uses principles of incremental change and iteration.

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