IT Support

Our team becomes an extension of your development team. We offer you top talent at competitive rates.

We deploy multidisciplinary, high-performance IT teams in nearshore proximity to your headquarters. This means that you get the cost savings benefits of outsourcing with the synchronization and team alignment that comes with operating in similar time zones. But the advantages of our nearshore solutions don’t stop there.

One of the core benefits of nearshoring is the ability for real-time work with your team. Our nearshore IT team becomes an extension of your development team, providing the expertise and scaling power needed to take your technology vision to the next level when you need it.

Definity First offers advantages in the areas of proximity, expertise, language, cultural alignment, access, and quality assurance.


Since Mexico shares time zones with the US, increased productivity and access make it a preferred choice for an increasing number of today’s biggest tech companies. With everyone in a shared time zone, communication between nearshore and domestic team members is seamless. Everyone has similar work hours and remains responsive during emergency situations as well.


Our developers and IT specialists are the best at what they do. As an extension of your team at home, we use all of the same tools and are fluent in your preferred programming languages and frameworks. All of our team members go through an extensive vetting process that includes the areas of technical proficiency, cultural alignment, and language.


All of your nearshore team members are fluent English speakers and fit right into the office culture enjoyed in businesses across the US. Language and cultural alignment between team members can be an important consideration when communicating with outsourced team members. Even a single misinterpreted feature request can be costly and hold up progress. Because of this, our nearshore teams are screened to ensure that impeccable communication skills are a top priority.


Physical access is another important nearshore benefit. Executives and managers can schedule face-to-face visits to their nearshore team whenever necessary. This feature can be particularly useful if site visits are frequent since overseas travel is considerably more expensive than trips from the US to Mexico.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance Support

QA is important, and every detail matter. Your product is the sum of all of its features, so it’s crucial that every app screen and website page is pixel perfect. To this end, our developers and IT specialists provide comprehensive QA support to ensure that your product meets your needs and is 100% free of bugs and issues.

We are always focused on results, our developers and IT specialists ensure that your product meets your needs, is always up and running, and is free of bugs and errors.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance Support

We vet top experts who are certified in their respective fields and combine the latest frameworks & technologies to serve your project’s needs

Our nearshore developers are fluent English speakers and closer in culture than many outsourcing alternatives and geographically accessible. That means they’re just a short flight away should the need arise to meet with them physically. Available during all business hours, your nearshore team is also there to provide comprehensive quality assurance support. 

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